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We will talk together to find out what you are looking for on the day, whether you have tight shoulders, neck, back, or you have been running and your legs need some attention. Perhaps you have a newborn and you are tired and need a bit of time out for yourself. 

I work intuitively, so alongside gathering information about you in our consultation, I will also be listening to and responding to your body at the time. Sometimes we have no idea what we are looking for until we finally lie down on that couch and give ourselves a few minutes to bring ourselves down to a state of calm. 

I enjoy working deeply, and lots of my clients come to me specifically for DEEP TISSUE work. However Deep massage doesn't necessarily have to mean physically deep, it can mean something else such as a deep state of relaxation, or touching on some feeling/emotion.

Massage 60 Min- £50

Massage 90 Min- £70

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